New paddlewheel boat

A return for the old – styled paddle-wheel riverboat travel through the Mississippi River goes even on this weekend along with its departure from New Orleans. The Queen of the Mississippi, which is a new, quintuple-decked watercraft mixing nineteenth century trappings intended to relive the Mark Twain time along with modern facilities including satellite television, Internet access, a putting green and an exercise area.

On Saturday, the boat of the American Cruise Lines departed on its very first 7 - night round tour to Vicksburg. The boat’s future destinations include Tennessee, Memphis, Minneapolis - St. Paul as well as Pittsburgh and the Ohio River.
The launch of the Queen of the Mississippi comes 6 months later the contesting Great American Steamboat Co. fetched riverboat cruises to New Orleans along with the renovated American Queen in the month of April.

Some tourism officials tell that both are welcome views. Paddle-wheel riverboat travel is an element of the culture and history of New Orleans that was missed for many years to a great extent, told Greater New Orleans Convention and Tourism Bureau’s Kim Priez. Kim added that this place cannot be imagined without river cruising. This is something which you expect to watch when you look at the window of the hotel, these beautiful vessels going up and down in the Mississippi river. The Natchez steamboat still makes trips in this place but long Mississippi River cruises on vessels like the Mississippi Queen, the Delta Queen and the American Queen died out.