New Orleans slowly attracting travelers

It has been 7 long years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and brought the city to its knees and now Isaac again tried to push the city back to its knees. But, now there is a good news for the city that the national retailers, developers and most importantly are coming to New Orleans.

A Dallas developer Howard Hughes Corp is planning a seventy million dollar expansion and renovation of the Riverwalk, which is a struggling entertainment and shopping complex.

In the month of July, an upscale food chain Fresh Market, which has 2 shops in the Southwest Florida, opened a 24800 square foot grocery shop. A Costco warehouse shop will open next year. These projects show a confidence among outside retailers and developers this city after Katrina and Isaac. The newcomers tell that they have been attracted to the cultural and economic vitality of the city and the city’s considerable need for retail.

Recently travelers are hitting the downtown area of New Orleans, even though the number is quite low. Mark Bulmash, the senior vice president (development) of Howard Hughes, told that the New Orleans’ rich travel industry as well as thriving, residential-oriented place.

New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau reported that the city has experienced a surge in the number of travelers since Katrina. Last year, the number rose to 8.7 million, but in the year 2006, the number was 3.7 million. One official reported that the volume is rising. In 2011, the travelers spent $ 5.47 billion, which is a record.