Australia relishing their larges tourism boom since the 2000 Sydney Olympics

It appears that Australia is back in favor among international visitors with visitors from outside the country coming here is huge numbers. This is not something that has not been seen before the Olympics in Sydney.
Short term tourist arrivals in the year till August compared with earlier twelve months reveal a double digit development in tourists coming from places like Malaysia, India and China. Travelers also poured to Australia from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore with an overall increase in short term arrival of 8.2%.
John O’Sullivan, the managing director of Tourism Australia, stated that 538800 people came for a short term arrival in August. He added that they have not seen these sorts of international tourist arrivals numbers since the Sydney 2000 Olympics days.
What is very pleasing is that they are experiencing strong performances around the board, from their traditional Western markets along with the new, emerging Eastern markets which are now very much part of today’s Australian tourism story.
Craig James, a senior CommSec analyst, stated that the development in Chinese travelers was nothing short of astonishing. Craig James stated that in just less than 4 years, the annual number of Chinese travelers to Australia has doubled and if the current development rates keep up, China would surpass New Zealand as their primary source of tourists in around 5 years time. He added that other important development is that the overall traveler arrivals are developing just shy of the newest pace in fourteen years no doubt boosted by improvement in the worldwide economy.

New Orleans to have brand new discount airline service

The officials of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport stated that they are welcoming a whole new low cost carrier which would offer service to Virginia. Officials have stated that PEOPLExpress would start flying from to New Orleans on 28th August. The airline would offer service 3 days a week to Virginias Newport News Williamsburg International Airport.
PEOPLExpress began service on 30th June on 3 routes from the Newport News, and would grow to 7 routes with the addition of the New Orleans and St. Petersburg also on 28th August. It is a brand new airline upraising the name of a 80s discount carrier.
The airline promotes charges between New Orleans and Newport News beginning at US$ 119. Extra fees are agitated for checked luggage, usage of overhead bins as well as in-flight beverages. In the year 2013, New Orleans was the quickest developing major American airport.
Meanwhile, New Orleans Burlesque Festival (from 18th to 21st September) celebrates the sexy side of theatre. It is a custom with rich roots in New Orleans  as well as a developing base of brand new fans as well as artists who sweep up the art of undressing on stage.
This is not only a local party. Now in its 6th year, this years gathering is anticipated to attract veteran and current performers from many continents.

Endangered parrots birth in the wild of Puerto Rico

On Tuesday, officials stated that 2 endangered Puerto Rican parrots were born in a natural nest in the wild found outside a national part in the United States territory for the very first time in hundred and forty four years.

Scientists found the nest earlier in May near Rio Abajo Nature Preserve in Puerto Rico and supervised it with cameras till they saw the parrots take flight in July, as per Natural Resources Secretary Carmen Guerrero.

According to reports, in a recent interview, she told that the historical importance of this makes your hairs stand up. They are one of the top ten most endangered birds in the world. The parrots were born to birds which had been introduced anew into the forests by scientists in Rio Abajo Nature Preserve, 1 of 2 breeding centers in island located in Puerto Rico.

In the past, Parrots had been born in natural nests in El Yunque, the only rain forest in United States National Forest system which also serves as a breeding center in Puerto Rico. Last year, scientists also found eggs in a wild nest, but the birds unfortunately did not hatch.

Guerrero stated that the highest number of parrots born in forests in Puerto Rico reached an all-time high in 2014 at sixteen, with 2 of those being born in natural nest as well as the remainder in artificial nests in the forests. Along with this, there were forty six parrots born in captivity at Rio Abajo Nature Preserve equated with fifty one previous year.

New Orleans set to host 2016 IPW

On Wednesday, the United States Travel Association stated that New Orleans would be the place for 2016 IPW – the 1st time the popular travel industry event has come back to Crescent City since the year 2002. In the past, this place has hosted the annual 5 day event, earlier known as the International Pow Wow, in the year 1993 and in 1979.

IPW is the biggest travel trade event in Northern America — a 1 stop scope for United States attractions, businesses and destinations to present themselves to thousands of powerful travel pros from the international markets.

The concern transacted at the IPW has been computed by independent firm named Rockport Analytics to add almost 1 million extra international travelers as well as US$ 1.7 billion in international tourism spending to recent host cities, and 8.8 million extra international visitors as well as $28 billion in international tourism expenditure to the United States economy overall.

Roger Dow, the United States Travel Association chief executive officer and President, told that one of the major objectives of IPW is to spotlight the economic profits of travel and tourism, as well as few cities anywhere in the world understand that equation and New Orleans. New Orleans epitomizes the idea of rolling out the welcome mat for your guests. They are thrilled that IPW’s exhibitors as well as attendees would be able to experience this utterly unique American destination for the first time in over a decade.

New York State Assembly expected to knock out bill to legalize mixed martial arts

On Tuesday, the state Senate passed a bill to make this controversial but popular sport legal for the 5th consecutive year. But this effort may be left apart in the Democrat dominated Assembly that has always refused to allow a vote to come to the floor.

The battle to legalize MMA in New York is set to confront yet another facing another split decision in 2014. On Tuesday, the state Senate cleared a bill to make this sport legalize. Some rumors suggest that people, who are close to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, told that the decision is not expected to change. In the United States, New York is the only state that still bars the sport.

Now, the Ultimate Fighting Championship league members were once again making their case in Albany. The league’s chief operating officer Lawrence Epstein told that let the democratic process work, allow it to go to the Assembly floor and let there be an up or down vote.

Epstein stated that the Assembly bill is channeled by Majority Leader Joseph Morelle and has sixty sponsors. It requires 76 votes are required for passage. He told that they are confident if it made it to the floor, it would easily pass.

This sport’s critics barred the sport in New York in 90s, calling it misogynistic and barbaric. A leading opponent of legalizing the sport Assemblywoman Deborah Glick told that the sole goal of the activity is to inflict as much physical damage and pain as possible/